We believe sustainable agriculture and good food can empower people and strengthen a community.

We offer various service opportunities that contribute to positive social change in Franklinton. We also host a wide range of programs that  educate, equip, and provide economic opportunity for our neighbors. Finally, we host events that bring our community together to find fresh, joyful celebration in food.



Fun and rewarding service experiences are available for individuals and groups of all sizes. One-time and recurring volunteer opportunities provide the chance to help with projects that improve and expand our capacity to grow and share food, create beauty, and build community in Franklinton. Participants receive guided service experiences with the opportunity to learn skills, form relationships, and create meaningful change. To volunteer, contact us at volunteer@franklintonfarms.org.



Part-time and full-time internships are available for those interested in urban agriculture, food systems, and equitable community development. This program provides the opportunity to learn, develop skills, and help create solutions to food security and intersectional justice issues in Franklinton. Participants receive valuable real-world experience, networking opportunities, and a share of the farm’s harvest. To apply, send your resume and cover letter to intern@franklintonfarms.org.



Extended service experiences are available through the Franklinton Food-Health-Wellness Corps. Started in 2015, this AmeriCorps VISTA program provides the chance to help alleviate poverty and build community-food-system capacity in Franklinton. Participants receive a living allowance, healthcare benefits, childcare benefits, and an end-of-service award.

We are currently accepting applications for AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates. This is a 10 week 40-hr/week position that spans from May 7th to July 15th. Farming, farm-building and food-focused community engagement with a large team will be the focus of this position. For more information and to apply, click here, or visit the MyAmeriCorps Website and search for Franklinton Farms. 



Interactive educational programs are available for Franklinton residents of all ages. Live Healthy Kids, a current program partnership between Integrated Services for Behavioral Health, Gladden Community House and Franklinton Farms, supports the physical health and emotional well-being of children through weekly activities about food, nutrition, and active living. More opportunities will soon be available at Frankinton Farms' new Learning Garden located at 154 Hawkes Ave. 



Part-time and full-time job opportunities are available based on organizational needs and program funds. Particular consideration is given to our neighbors who have been impacted by generational poverty, incarceration, behavioral health issues, and other major barriers to employment in the traditional marketplace. All employees receive a fair wage, personalized job training, and additional professional development opportunities. Employment opportunities will be listed as they become available.



Farm-based community events are free and available for residents from Franklinton and the Greater Columbus area. These events provide the opportunity for us to gather and celebrate the land, sustainable agriculture, good food, and equitable community. Regular events include farm tours, community potlucks, and our seasonal festivals.

Our Spring Festival is scheduled for May 5th and will be hosted at Franklinton Farms' Learning Garden! More information will be posted as we near the event date.



Seats on our Board of Directors are available to those in Franklinton and the Greater Columbus area. Board members are elected to one to three-year terms and have the opportunity to contribute to the health and sustainability of our organization. Particular consideration is given to neighborhood residents and other leaders who have perspectives and skill sets that align with our organizational goals and needs.

Board of Directors roster and service commitment listed below:

Heather Langerman Esber (12.31.15-12.31.18)

Mark Weiker (12.31.15-12.31.18)

Matthew Bell (09.15.2016-12.31.2018)

Emily Haynes (09.15.16-12.31.2020)

Jack Hedge (12.31.2016-12.31.2020)

Thomas Hermann (09.15.2016-12.31.2020)

Harmony Cox (1.1.18-12.31.2021)

Chad Lusher (12.31.15-12.31.18)

Bruce Mansfield (12.31.16-12.31.19)

Kiley Orchard (12.31.16-12.31.19)

Alex Sauersmith (1.1.18-3.17.2020)