We believe sustainable agriculture and good food can empower people and strengthen a community.

We offer various service opportunities that contribute to positive social change in Franklinton. We also host a wide range of programs that  educate, equip, and provide economic opportunity for our neighbors. Finally, we host events that bring our community together to find fresh, joyful celebration in food.

We are raising money for Franklinton Farms to employ participants of The Refuge Ministries addiction recovery programing, so that we can integrate urban agriculture as part of opioid/addiction recovery in our community. To support this endeavor, please donate to our GoFundMe campaign - https://www.gofundme.com/gofundmecomfranklintonfarms-therefuge



Fun and rewarding service experiences are available for individuals and groups of all sizes. One-time and recurring volunteer opportunities provide the chance to help with projects that improve and expand our capacity to grow and share food, create beauty, and build community in Franklinton. Participants receive guided service experiences with the opportunity to learn skills, form relationships, and create meaningful change. To volunteer, contact us at volunteer@franklintonfarms.org.



Part-time and full-time internships are available for those interested in urban agriculture, food systems, and equitable community development. This program provides the opportunity to learn, develop skills, and help create solutions to food security and intersectional justice issues in Franklinton. Participants receive valuable real-world experience, networking opportunities, and a share of the farm’s harvest. To apply, send your resume and cover letter to intern@franklintonfarms.org.



Extended service experiences are available through the Franklinton Food-Health-Wellness Corps. Started in 2015, this AmeriCorps VISTA program provides the chance to help alleviate poverty and build community-food-system capacity in Franklinton. Participants receive a living allowance, healthcare benefits, childcare benefits, and an end-of-service award.

We are currently hiring AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates.



Buckeye ISA

Are you interested in gardening? Do you want to start growing food in your own backyard? Look no further. 

Franklinton Farms, in partnership with Ohio State University Extension and inFACT, is excited to unveil a new home gardening program for residents of the Franklinton community. 

The Buckeye ISA (or "Institutionally Supported Agriculture") program will provide you and your family with the tools, support, and resources you need to grow (and even sell!) fresh fruits and vegetables right out of your home. Whether you’ve been gardening for years or have never even touched a shovel— all skill levels are welcome to participate. 

ISA participants will receive a startup toolkit, seeds, and other gardening materials free of charge. OSU Extension will also offer a variety of free gardening classes to participants and interested community members. 

Questions? Comments? Want to get involved? 

We will be holding an informal information session on Thursday, November 1st at 6:30 pm at the Franklinton Farms office (867 W. Town St.). Light food and drink provided. 

Interested individuals or groups may also contact education@franklintonfarms.org or call Alyssa (614-581-0326) to inquire further. 



We are not currently hiring, but always welcome volunteers. Contact Brett at volunteer@franklintonfarms.org.



Farm-based community events are free and available for residents from Franklinton and the Greater Columbus area. These events provide the opportunity for us to gather and celebrate the land, sustainable agriculture, good food, and equitable community. Regular events include farm tours, community potlucks, and our seasonal festivals.

Spring Festival 2019 - More information to come!

An information session for the Buckeye ISA Program will be hosted at Franklinton Farms office (867 W Town St) on November 1st from 6:30-7:30pm. Come learn about how to connect to this OSU program that works with families in our neighborhood to grow healthy food at home!

Join us for our Tuesday Volunteer days and Farm Lunch! Drop in to volunteer from 9-4pm, and join us for lunch at 12pm at 907 W Rich.



Seats on our Board of Directors are available to those in Franklinton and the Greater Columbus area. Board members are elected to one to three-year terms and have the opportunity to contribute to the health and sustainability of our organization. Particular consideration is given to neighborhood residents and other leaders who have perspectives and skill sets that align with our organizational goals and needs.

Board of Directors roster and service commitment listed below:

Heather Langerman Esber (12.31.15-12.31.18)

Mark Weiker (12.31.15-12.31.18)

Matthew Bell (09.15.2016-12.31.2018)

Jack Hedge (12.31.2016-12.31.2020)

Thomas Hermann (09.15.2016-12.31.2020)

Harmony Cox (1.1.18-12.31.2021)

Chad Lusher (12.31.15-12.31.18)

Bruce Mansfield (12.31.16-12.31.19)

Alex Sauersmith (1.1.18-3.17.2020)