Farm Operation

Our farm is a multi-acre operation scattered across dozens of urban parcels. We currently manage eleven food production sites, twelve high tunnels, a fruit tree orchard, a berry patch, a microgreens grow room, a seedling start house, and a learning garden. We continue to improve and expand the farm to further increase our food production capacity and create economic opportunity for our neighbors.


Sustainability Practices

Out of a commitment to people and planet, we use sustainable agricultural practices that are good for the land, farmworkers, and consumers. We use compost, cover crops, and integrated pest management in place of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We also utilize rain collection, drip irrigation, hand tools, bicycles, solar power, and other sustainability measures that support the farm’s diverse ecosystem and improve our neighborhood’s environmental resiliency.

high tunnel 05 (1)-min.jpg

Season Extension

We grow food all year long through the use of high tunnels and other season extension techniques. Our high tunnels harness the sun’s rays to create a microclimate suitable for growing tomatoes and peppers in the summer and greens and root crops in the winter. While we value seasonality, these tools and techniques allow us to consistently distribute fresh and nutritious food throughout our neighborhood and the Greater Columbus area.