Franklinton Farms (“FF”), is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Columbus, Ohio. FF was

founded in 2007 by a group of neighborhood residents committed to environmental sustainability

and social justice. They first worked out the intersection of these commitments by building and

maintaining a small community garden on vacant city land. The site was named Franklinton

Gardens and provided space to care for the land, grow food, and build relationships with long-

term neighborhood residents.

As the organizers listened to the stories of others, they began to understand how difficult it was

to access healthy foods—in particular, fresh fruits and vegetables—in Franklinton. In response,

they acquired more vacant land, grew more food, and shared more broadly with their neighbors.

The outcome was a multi-acre network of food production sites scattered throughout the

neighborhood’s urban landscape, which was eventually named Franklinton Farms.

In time, the evolving collective became aware of other economic, environmental, and social

challenges regularly experienced by their neighbors in Franklinton. This led them to expand into

broader food systems work as a way to create equity and build resilience in Franklinton. More

than a decade from its start, Franklinton Farms continues to work with neighbors and community

partners to build a farm and local food system that improves food security, provides economic

opportunity, and supports healthy futures for all.


Franklinton Farms is a nonprofit urban farm dedicated to growing and sharing food, creating

beauty, and building community with our neighbors.


It is difficult to access healthy food options in Franklinton. As a result, the neighborhood has

some of the city’s highest rates of nutrition-related chronic health issues and infant mortality. We

utilize urban farming and neighborhood distribution programs to improve food security and

support healthy futures for our neighbors.


In spite of ongoing redevelopment efforts, Franklinton still shows the effects of decades of

divestment. It is most visible in the hundreds of blighted structures and vacant lots scattered

throughout the neighborhood. We use bio-intensive agriculture to transform these neglected

spaces into colorful foodscapes filled with uniquely-shaped high tunnels, orderly production

rows, perennial flowers, beneficial insects, pollinators, and other wildlife.


Franklinton is a rapidly diversifying community with deep Appalachian roots. Many of our

neighbors struggle with chronic poverty and experience severe economic, environmental, and

social challenges. We use urban farming and food systems work to connect with our neighbors

through positive community placemaking to build equitable community for all.


Current Position Openings:

Executive Director

Job Posting and Description

Employment Type: Full-Time, Salary Exempt


FF’s Executive Director is the key player in the pursuit of the FF mission.

Reports to: FF Board of Directors

Supervises: Farm Manager, contractors, AmeriCorps associates (if applicable), Volunteer

Coordinator, select volunteers

Purpose: The Executive Director is responsible for the organization’s achievement of its

mission. The ED is the primary communicator between FF and grantors, foundations, partner

organizations, Franklinton residents, the local business community, and local, state and federal

agencies. The ED is responsible, in collaboration with Board members and contractors, for

achieving the organization’s fundraising objectives and managing its overall financial health.

Organizational Performance:

  • Works with the board and leadership to develop strategies for achieving mission, goals

and financial sustainability.

  • Maintains and utilizes a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the

fields of sustainable and urban agriculture, community development, social enterprise,

and relevant policies that may have an impact in these areas.

  • Oversees strategic plan implementation, assesses and reviews program activities, and

monitors need for change.

  • Develops and executes ambitious, but achievable plans for resource development, e.g.,

cultivate positive relationships with institutional funders such as foundations, government

agencies, corporations, and others.

Community Engagement and Leadership:

  • Serves as an effective spokesperson for FF. Represents the organization well to its


  • Develops, delegates and effectively uses FF’s website, social media tools and face-to-

face opportunities for communication.

  • Oversees and manages the development and expansion of FF and its resources.

Administration, Finance and HR:

  • Supports an organizational culture that enable satisfying roles for current staff and ability

to attract and retain additional diverse staff in key positions as funding becomes


  • Assures adequate control and accounting of all funds.

  • Works with the Board to prepare budgets and reports, monitor progress, and initiate

changes (to operations and/or to budgets) as appropriate.

  • Sees that official records and documents of FF are retained; ensures compliance with

federal state and local regulations.

Soft Skills – Qualifications:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Comfort with speaking and presenting in public on food security, food access, urban

agriculture, and other relevant topics.

  • Passion for and knowledge of community development, healthy eating, sustainable

agriculture, community food systems and food security.

  • Mature and professional demeanor with a strong work ethic.

  • Ability to train and manage diverse groups of volunteers and community members.

  • Ability to work independently.

  • Ability to create and build positive relationships with a wide variety of people and to

invite and incorporate feedback.

  • Ability to participate in neighborhood and philanthropic events, which may sometimes

occur in evenings and on weekends.

  • Ability to organize and maintain records

  • Ability to manage assets resourcefully, including equipment, labor, etc.

  • Ability to budget and plan ahead.

  • Broad conceptual judgment, initiative and ability to deal with complex issues as well as

strong analytical and problem solving abilities.

Education & Experience:

  • FF is seeking an individual with superior leadership skills and the knowledge,

enthusiasm, energy, insight and commitment to fill this position and help lead FF into the

future. Applicant’s education, experience and skills should be commensurate with the

responsibilities and requirements of the position.

  • The ideal candidate should demonstrate expertise in the following: 1) building and

managing social networks across philanthropic, business, and civic communities; 2)

leadership within small organizations of 3-10 staff; 3) facilitation of organizational

culture that works with, and seeks to understand the multi-dimensional challenges of a

community that continues to experience multi-generational poverty, addiction and

recovery, homelessness, and crime.

  • Advanced degrees in business management, non-profit or public administration, and/or

philanthropy are preferred.

  • Minimum 3 years working in diverse neighborhoods across race, culture, and class


  • Minimum 5 years of management and leadership experience.

  • Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Application Instructions:

Please send a cover letter, resume and references in .pdf form to

employment@franklintonfarms.org. FF is an equal opportunity employer and encourages

applicants from all backgrounds to apply.


Urban Farm Youth Education Coordinator

Position has been filled, thank you for your interest!


Program Coordinator

Position has been filled, thank you for your interest!